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Dr. Brown offers a variety of services and therapies that address the body, soul, and spirit for the purpose of facilitating wholeness.  With each modality, patients should expect an encounter with God at each step. 


Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

At the first appointment, patients will receive new patient paperwork via email to be filled out prior to the session.  They will also receive a link to be used to dial into the virtual room at the time of their appointment.  Dr. Brown will conduct a standard psychiatric interview and perform a mental status examination by observing her patient online.  Sometimes additional information is needed via lab work, neuroimaging, psychological testing, reviewing previous medical records, interviewing others such as family members.  All of this information is then used to make a diagnosis of possible mental illness.  The criteria used is the DSM-V, which is a standard textbook listing the symptoms required to make a diagnosis for each type of mental illness.  Once the diagnosis is made, Dr. Brown will negotiate a proper treatment plan with her patient, for those who are open.  Dr. Brown prefers to pray for God's healing at this session with her patients.  The fee for this service is $295.


Medication Management

Dr. Brown is licensed and adept at treating mental illness with medications.  She will offer up recommendations and discuss the possible side effects.  Her paradigm for medication management is that it is often needed in the beginning to correct body symptoms.  The purpose is to dial down symptoms in order to create room for each patient to be able to engage in psychotherapy or other healing modalities designed to address the underlying soul issues propagating the body symptoms.  Once some soul changes are made, many times the overt symptoms of mental illness will correct allowing for eventual discontinuation of the medication which would be the goal.  Typically, patients are seen every six weeks for 30-minute sessions for a fee of $200.  Once the symptoms have resolved, there is often a time of maintenance during which the patients are seen every three months for 15-minute medication checks.  The fee for these sessions is $150.






Spiritual Healing

Dr. Brown encourages her patients to address deep spiritual issues when considering their process of wholeness.  This can be done through the church directly at times by listening to sermons, worshipping God, receiving healing prayer.  Many people have benefited from more direct inner healing types of prayer.  There are churches in the state of California that offer healing rooms and Sozo.  For those who do not have access to these modalities locally, Dr. Brown is available to provide spiritual healing directly.  She uses tools learned from various sources such as Theophostics and Sozo.  At this level, issues such as unforgiveness, trauma, generational healing, and healing for the relationship within the Godhead can be resolved.  The fee for this service is $100 for 50-minute sessions or $150 for 90-minute sessions.  



Christian Counseling

Once some of the overt symptoms of mental illness have been addressed and dialed down through medication management, then some of the deeper issues can be looked at.  Dr. Brown recommends that soul issues be managed from a Christian perspective.  She can make referrals for Christian therapists in the community at times, or will see some patients for psychotherapy herself.  Dr. Brown offers 12 week sessions of a type of psychotherapy called Cognitive Therapy.  This therapy is designed to take a specific issue like anxiety or depression and facilitate the analysis of the incorrect thinking propagating these symptoms.  She uses scripture and Christian truths as the standard goal for correcting unhealthy thinking.  The fee for this service is $150 for 50-minute sessions designed to occur weekly for 12-week intervals.