Mission Statement

     Dr. Brown's mission for practicing Christian psychiatry is to facilitate wholeness for her patients.  She is dedicated to using the excellent practice of mental health and other wellness services as a platform for bringing people into encounters with Jesus.  She believes that wholeness/holiness is a necessary pathway for growing in intimacy with God and other humans, unveiling one’s true authentic self as God originally designed, and for accomplishing one’s purpose in life/reaching the fullness of one’s divine destiny.  Dr. Brown believes God has called her and equipped her with certain gifts and skills that she chooses to use in unity with God to facilitate transformation for the patients to whom she ministers.  Above these gifts, she brings a life that is submitted to God in her own personal relationships with Jesus, which allows her the honor of carrying His Presence and His power.  It is really all about transforming broken lives into lives that are free to worship God in Spirit and in truth.  It is really about freeing people so they can fully love the Lord God with all of their hearts, minds, bodies, and substance, and to love others as themselves.

     Because God is Triune, Dr. Brown feels it is wise to incorporate a method of healing that offers a unified approach addressing issues in the body, soul, and spirit simultaneously.  She places a high value on self-integration as well as relational reconciliation.  Because the government of God is family, she thinks it is wise to make the healing of marriages and family her own priority of focus.   Instead of focusing on identifying all of the problems that need to be addressed and then trying to remove those flaws, she encourages her patients to focus on the vision of health and the promises of the Kingdom of Heaven (identity in Christ) in order to help people walk towards this vision as the goal for their lives.  In this way, she aims to facilitate the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. 

     Dr. Brown has a special interest in supporting the local churches and has a heart to offer as much support as she can to the pastors and other community Christian leaders in the area.  She aims to facilitate not only individual wholeness and family health, but to also propagate integration between the local churches in the community of San Diego for the goal of corporate unity within the body of Christ.  Empowering and equipping individual saints to be effective in their calling and ministry is part of the expected overflow.  Dr. Brown loves to see people step completely into their God-ordained destiny.  She hopes to offer a holy and safe place where people can be for a season as God works in her patients' lives.  Ideally, with God's help, she will catalyze a national, or maybe even world-wide revival, one soul at a time.



Core Values

1.     Every human’s destiny is oneness with God.   This can only be obtained within a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who is to be made Savior and Lord over each of our lives and every aspect of our lives.  I value intimacy with God above anything else.

2.     I believe in the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ as it pertains to forgiveness, healing, restoration, relational harmony, and every area of life.

3.     The authentic expression of each human can only be fully manifested according to the original intent of God in His purest plan by yielding to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His love within our hearts to bring about individual wholeness/holiness.

4.     It is expected that Dr. Brown is constantly growing in her own relationship with God and working out her own salvation in fear and trepidation.  I value personal sanctification. 

5.     God alone is my judge and my audience.

6.     I value workplace relational harmony over productivity, but I expect both. 

7.     I value character over gifting, but I expect both.

8.     I value commitment over Glory, but I expect both.

9.     I will never work for money, but I expect the divine manifestation of prosperity.

10. I value love and grace over work and law.

11. I value excellence before the Lord above accountability, but I incorporate both.

12. I believe true religion is caring for the orphan and the widow.

13. I believe God is bringing forth the manifestation of world-wide revival.

14. I offer an ecumenical practice where all expressions of Christ-centeredness are embraced.

15. I value unity over individuality, but I expect the fullness of both.

16. The life I live is really just a playground for living in relationship with Jesus.

17. The litmus test for wholeness and oneness with God is personal outflow of love.

18. In the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus is King, so it is at my house.

19. In the Kingdom of Heaven, the government is family, so it at my house.