Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Karen S. Brown, M.D.

Dr. Brown graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2001.  She trained with a unique Internal Medicine/Psychiatry dual program at the University of Virginia in Roanoke until 2004.  This training provided a deeper level of education in internal medicine beyond the standard requirements of most psychiatry residency programs.  This provided a thorough understanding of diagnostic evaluations, medication management, and an ability to manage patients with concomitant chronic medical issues that may influence mental health symptoms.

Dr. Brown transferred to the Baylor College of Medicine Psychiatry Residency and graduated from this program in 2006.  Here she trained with national experts in Trauma and Personality Disorders.  Her education included an in-depth teaching on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy techniques from experts in this field.  This experience included rotations at the well known teaching hospital Menninger Clinic which has its origins in Psychoanalysis.  

Throughout this excellent professional training experience, Dr. Brown pursued training in Christian healing modalities on her own.  She received training from the Christian Healing Ministries founded by Francis McNutt.  She went further to learn the techniques from Theophostics healing prayer founded by Ed Smith, PhD.  Additionally, she is trained in the Sozo style prayer put forth by Bill Johnson Ministries in Redding, CA.  Most importantly, she has pursued an intimate relationship with God and has pressed in for her own personal wholeness with passion.